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Not all tears are an evil - I seek the West [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Starlit Sea -- A LOTR support community

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Not all tears are an evil [Mar. 2nd, 2004|12:25 am]
The Starlit Sea -- A LOTR support community


[mood |jubilantjubilant]

I've cried so many tears ... Over Lotr, the books, the films, the movies, the stories, the people. It seems there is no end to my happines, sadness or my tears.

Last night was the One Night. For so many reasons that go BEYOND a gold statue. It was the grand culmination of a life's work; a journey. It was about the films, but also the books, about the way that The Lord of the Rings has influnced so many people, and how the making of the films has changed so many lives.

Three years ago, I looked forward to the One Night, and now it's gone, and I'm left feeling happier than I've felt in a long time, and sad as well. I can't really explain it, and I'm sorry if this post seems to make no sence, but this is a support forum, and I'm glad to have a place to just TRY and express my feelings about something that is, to most people, just a story. Or worse, just a film.

I'm so happy that angelislington got to enjoy this night in a manner befitting it; and I'm happy for all of the fans who got to be there, and that the cast and PJ, and Fran went to TORn's party. I only wish I could know that happiness. That feeling of absolute, perfect jubilation, and some other feeling I can't put into words, but somehow feels like peace.

Good night

[User Picture]From: _allshallfade
2004-03-01 09:40 pm (UTC)
That made perfect sense to me, and I couldn't have said it better myself. It's so bittersweet.
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[User Picture]From: eyre_lasgalen
2004-03-02 07:34 am (UTC)

That's the word I was searching for .... oh yes.

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[User Picture]From: _allshallfade
2004-03-02 10:47 am (UTC)
Glad I could help. :)
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[User Picture]From: bound_soul
2004-03-01 11:53 pm (UTC)

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